About us: Mission statement

The primary aim of the Riders Helping Riders initiative is to provide a helpful and supportive resource, for those who have been affected by bullying - of any type or form - within the equestrian industry. Whilst many businesses and organisations do operate anti-bullying policies, it can be difficult for those affected by bullying to know where they can turn to. Riders Helping Riders provides several avenues of assistance - these include sharing the stories and experiences of people who have been affected by bullying, also contributions and advisories from various industry professionals, and a large collection of helpline numbers, counselling services and charities who are available and able to help those in need.

Together at the Top

We welcome everyone to use and to contribute to this resource. People of all ages, from all places and at all stages in any branch, sport or sector of the equestrian industry, are actively encouraged to participate in helping us to shine a light on the darkest corner of equestrianism. Talking about the issue of bullying-and the subsequent impact that bullying has on very many lives-helps to remove the ‘hush-culture’, and can provide lasting change going forward. It is our intention that in working together to begin to find solutions and provide better resources, people within the equestrian industry can come together and unite in a positive and beneficial way. 


Riders Helping Riders has representatives in both England and Ireland. It is our hope going forward that people from many other countries will join us in our efforts to highlight the issue of equestrian bullying across the world, and to offer support for those affected.

Meet the team


Phoebe Buckley is an International event rider based in Cambridgeshire, England. Phoebe has represented Great Britain in the sport of eventing, winning a team gold medal at the Young Rider European Championships in 2005. She has competed at many 5* events, and presently combines her competitive career with a busy teaching schedule. As a Romany gypsy, Phoebe has had to endure prejudice and discrimination throughout her life as well as bullying-both online, and in person. As a result, Phoebe is passionate about using her experiences to help others within the industry who are struggling as a result of bullying.


Heather Mussett is an amateur rider based in Bedfordshire, England. Heather competes at grassroots eventing and affiliated dressage with her ex-racehorse around her novel writing and full-time work as a global marketing specialist. Heather appreciates the power of social media, especially at the grassroots level, as a double-edged sword and hopes to foster a more caring and supportive culture among riders online.


Christa Dillon is an Irish based rider based in County Westmeath, where she lives with her husband and young son. Together, the family runs a beef suckler herd, and also operates a livestock haulage business.  Christa competes in both dressage and showjumping, and she is a Centre 10 Advanced Coach. She currently works in social media marketing. She has had first hand experience of online bullying and trolling, and of the subsequent damage bullying can bring to both daily life and to mental health. Christa is keen to use her experiences in a positive way, that can be used to benefit others.