Are you being bullied?

Here are some suggestions of things that could help:

  • Speak to the perpetrator, IF YOU FEEL COMFORTABLE TO DO SO. If you think that there is a possibility that this person may be unaware of the effect that their speech and/or conduct is having upon you, it might be worth talking to them and explaining your position. However, if it is very apparent that you are being wilfully targeted, it may be unadvisable or counterproductive to do so.  

  • Keep a record of events where possible. Save any messages, take screenshots of any post threads and write down any incidents with time, date and any other relevant details. This can be incredibly useful if you decide to take any further action of any description.

  • Look at the options available to you. The location and environment of any incidents of bullying will best dictate the avenues that you can pursue. For example-in a livery yard setting, you can approach the yard manager or owner. At an unaffiliated event, you can approach the host or organiser. At an affiliated event, you can approach the event organiser-and you also have the option to contact the relevant affiliate body. You can find a list of the best conduct and anti-bullying policies of many affiliates in both the UK and Ireland, here.

  • Speak to someone. Talk to a friend or relative, or consider contacting a counselling service, anti-bullying website or charity. Sometimes sharing your experiences and how you are feeling can be helpful, and can help you to decide on what to do next.

Forest Path

When bullying becomes extremely intimidating, RHR recommends contacting the police/Gardai. Where relevant, contacting a solicitor for legal advice or representation can provide some peace of mind, and a plan of action going forward.