Your challenges for RHR Social Media Positivity Week

OCT. 02, 2020

This week, we at Riders Helping Riders are challenging you to push for positivity! Each day we’ll set you a different challenge on your social media to help you foster positive habits and share the love with your followers and followees.

Your challenges for RHR Social Media Positivity Week

Welcome to our first ever Social Media Positivity Week! It’s time to tune out the negative, and create the more welcoming and nurturing environment we’d all love to be a part of.

To kick off the week on Monday 5th October, we ask you to share your tips for creating a positive mindset. Having one of those days where everything is getting you down, and nothing seems to be going right? We’d love to hear how you get out of it – whether that’s taking a bath, going for a ride, or even calling up a good friend. Let’s share our ideas and create some positive vibes!

On Tuesday 6th October, we’re having a #toxictakedown! We’re all human, and we can’t be perfect 100% of the time. We’re asking you to identify a toxic trait you know you have on social media – maybe you’re an obsessive like or follower counter, or you can’t help but compare yourself to others – and how you’re going to take it down for your own mental health and positivity. Go you!

For hump day, it’s the #ComplimentChainChallenge! On Wednesday 7th October, compliment three people on your story and tag them to do the same. It’s as simple as that! Let’s spread the love and feel good, together.


Thursday 8th October is mantra day: we want to hear the words you live by on social media! How do you make sure that what you’re posting (or, of course, saying in person) is kind, and going to be received well? Even if it’s as simple as treat others as you’d like to be treated, let’s all share our positivity mantras – maybe you’ll find a new favourite!

Coming toward the end of the week, it’s time to make your #RHRPositivityPledge! What are you going to pledge to do, whether for your own development or to help others, to make social media and the equestrian world as a whole a more positive place? Share your pledge, alongside a picture of yourself with the message "You're not alone" to show your support for anyone who might need an ear or some kind words.

Have fun, everyone! And from all of us here at Riders Helping Riders, thank you for your support - it means the world to us.

2 October 2020, 13:00:00