We're here to tell you that you're not alone.

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The equestrian industry is as diverse as it is unique. People worldwide are united by the love of horses-a love that transcends distance, language, culture and heritage, and has the capacity to bring us all together. However, the industry also has a dark side. Bullying and intimidation-in all forms and across all sectors-is sadly endemic. Whilst many businesses and organisations do operate anti-bullying policies, those who are suffering can find it difficult to know where they can turn to, and have their voices heard. Resources are limited, and the hush-culture associated with bullying can make addressing the issues more difficult and intimidating than tolerating the initial behaviour.

Riders Helping Riders was formed to provide an online resource for those affected by bullying within the equestrian industry. It is our hope that by sharing the real stories, providing helpful information and promoting a culture of talking about the problem, we can begin to break down the barriers. Working together to bring about positive, lasting change for the better will benefit everybody, and can contribute greatly towards democratising the industry as a whole.